Inframodel is the Finnish national application specification for a subset of LandXML schema, the current version Inframodel 3 is based on LandXML version 1.2.
Detailed implementation guidance and agreements have been documented in the defined scope for prioritised exchange cases between design tasks and design to construction.
Inframodel 3 covers the following topics:

The Inframodel documentation comprises of: Inframodel 3 is also the baseline for buildingSMART Model View Definition for LandXML (work in progress).

Version 4.0.2

Application schema, version 4.0.2
IM schema, version 4.0.2
Enumerations schema, version 4.0.2 (Finnish)

Enumerations (Excel, Finnish)

Schema documentation (html)
IM schema documentation, version 4.0.2 (html)

Inframodel 4 previous versions

Version 3.0.1

Application schema, version 3.0.1
Enumerations schema, version 3.0.1

Schema documentation (html)

Enumerations (Excel)

Version 3.0.0

Application schema, version 3.0.0
Enumerations schema, version 3.0.0

Schema documentation (html)

Enumerations (Excel)

Example files:
Road (xml)
Water supplies (xml)
Railway (xml)

Finnish Inframodel application documentation for LandXML v1.2

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